Dec 31 | Posted by Barry Cohen

Many industries depend on new and innovative styles and trends for their livelihood, from clothing, to automobiles and of course home décor; there is always something new to get people spending.  This year, there is a whole new crop of ideas and designs that are trending for 2016, so we thought we would give you a glimpse into the future of home decor that will be driving global retail.

Outside In

Whether you are decorating a 20th floor condo or have a sprawling backyard, the trend is to bring the outdoors inside in every aspect of your home.  Expect to see furniture that does double duty inside and outside and greenery galore whether live, artificial or in the form of wall art will be very hot.  Plant life inspired accessories like throw cushions, upholstery and tableware will be filling the shelves and shades of nature will be everywhere.


Tiles have been popular for a long time but expect to see a trend toward more geometric patterns.  Combining wood and cement with the tile will create what designers refer to as a fluid appearance. Whether it is a backsplash, an intricately patterned countertop or floor, fluid geometry will be a strong influence in décor in 2016.

Retro Bling

The clothing industry is often a harbinger of home décor fashions, and right now the trend for 1950’s and 1970’s vintage clothing is big, so interior décor is right on its heels.  “Mod” influences like brass, gold and metallic finishes are going to be huge combined with a bit of sparkle and shine from sequins, rhinestones and anything with bling.

Artisanal Goods

From tassels and basketry to macramé and crochet – weaving is in.  Big colourful crocheted footstools are all the rage combined with woven rugs or even natural hide area rugs.  Locally made and globally crafted goods are back in vogue and will have a big influence on home décor this year.


We have seen a lot of mineral influences in the past while, in the form of polished and altered stone combined with man-made additions, but expect to see minerals go au natural this year.  Watch for bowls of pyrite on tables, big chunks of quartz used as display pieces and unpolished semi-precious stones turned into door handles.


More and more consumers are insisting that products be manufactured from recycled, repurposed, reinvented or reusable materials, sustainability must be at the heart of anything that is being made today.  From the foam in our mattresses to the very foundations that our homes are built on, sustainability is an overriding concern.

Canadian winters can seem never ending, and what better way to keep yourself busy and your home up-to-date than watching for décor trends and incorporating them into your living space.  Happy decorating.