Apr 28 | Posted by Barry Cohen

Toronto is in the midst of one of its most competitive real estate markets in recent history. While sales and average prices are on the rise the number of active listings on the market are in short supply. These factors have created a competitive market for buyers with fewer available listings and soaring prices. This is great news for sellers, not so much for homebuyers.

It’s this type of environment that often forces some homebuyers to pay more than market value for their home, or miss out on a home that perfectly suits their needs entirely.

If you’re searching for a home in a competitive real estate market (like we’re currently experiencing in the GTA) you could spend hours on realtor.ca or similar sites browsing for properties, downloading apps to keep you updated, or signing up for notifications so that you know when a new property is listed. 

Alternatively you could and should speak with a REALTOR®. 

In every industry there are individuals who feel like they can do what the professionals do. There are apps for this, there are websites for that, but in a competitive real estate market no individual possesses the resources and skills to find a home like a REALTOR®. 

Known What’s Available Before it Becomes Available

Prospective homebuyers spend hours searching for homes on sites like realtor.ca hoping to find that one home that other homebuyers may have missed. In a competitive real estate market it’s difficult to get the upper hand in this type of environment — unless you’re a REALTOR®. Real estate agents have access to properties even before they become available. Plus they have the market knowledge to consider nearby schools, transportation, the individuals needs, and market value.

Receive The Best Price Possible

REALTORS® know what the real value of a property is because of their comprehensive understanding of the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. The right agent has facilitated more than enough real estate transactions and participated in their fair share of negotiations to understand how to get the best price possible for their client. 

The Right Connections to Ensure a Smooth and Steady Sale

Anyone can identify a beautiful home. It’s a real estate agent’s responsibility to see what’s underneath that beauty and resolve any structural damage or imperfections before pen touches paper. A REALTOR® also knows who to contact to address any issues so that it’s a smooth and steady sale. 

Your Personal Real Estate Guide

Throughout the real estate buying process a REALTOR® is first and foremost a homebuyer or seller’s guide. An agent will keep you informed and assured as you choose the home that suits your needs. 

Contact the Barry Cohen Group for your personal guide through the competitive real estate market buyers are faced with here in the Greater Toronto Area.