Dec 3 | Posted by Barry Cohen

Keeping up with technology seems to be a losing battle – just when you think you have the latest thing, something comes along that eclipses and/or upgrades your product.  The modern conveniences we take for granted these days, are not that old when you consider the big picture, and there are some inventions that are really cool, but not really items most of us would deem necessary, at least not yet.

I came across some kitchen technology that is expected to be the next wave of appliances and cookware that are smart, connected and can even order your groceries.  Get ready for your kitchen to become intelligent with Internet connected devices and appliances that can cook, maintain temperature, track calories, suggest dinner menus and even order your groceries.  Check out this list.

Screens Galore

The kitchen is quickly replacing family rooms and living rooms as the hub of the household, and as a result you can expect to see more communication and entertainment devices embedded into backsplashes and built right into cabinetry.  Combinations of computer screens, televisions and music systems will allow the kids to do homework, while cooks can watch their favourite show and all the while controlling all the latest smart devices from one central location.

Smarty Pans

A very catchy name for a unique and useful pan that actually counts the calories in the food you put in it.  This will be a blessing for calorie counters that are challenged when recipes don’t offer nutritional guides or when substitutions are made to a recipe.  This voice-activated app, connected to a smartphone gives an accurate caloric value based on ingredients used and measures quantities as the ingredients are dropped.  At this point these pans are only available for presale in the US but they are expected to be widely available here by the spring.

Smart Jars

Yep, a locally based company will be introducing “Neo” jars just in time for Christmas. The wireless jars communicate with an app through sensors that weigh the contents and display manually entered best before dates.  The app will even suggest recipes based on what’s in the panty, and as ingredients get low they automatically get entered on a shopping list or auto ordered from online retailers.

Dash Buttons

Amazon is market testing these nifty little gadgets, and at this time they are only available for a limited number of products like Kraft Dinner, Maxwell House Coffee and Gatorade for example.  When your supply of these products is running low, consumers simply need to push a button and their reorder will be wirelessly placed and delivered to the front door.

What will they think of next?